How Artificial Turf Helps Reduce Water Consumption in Southern California

For 20 years now, intermittent droughts have forced home and business owners to drastically cut back on their water usage, especially in Southern California. We’ve made significant changes to the way we live our lives, adjusting water use with rain barrels, greywater re-usage indoors, and more. Energy Star clothes and dishwashers, drip lines, low-flow toilets and faucets all help us conserve water. 


The biggest water consumer in the household, however, is the yard, often accounting for 50 to 70 percent of monthly water usage. If you’ve chosen xeriscaping or turf for your home, you’ve contributed mightily to the reduction of water consumption in Southern California.


Saving Water with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf saves water for both residential and commercial lawns. For an average home, half of the irrigation water is wasted due to runoff and evaporation. Artificial turf turns puts an end to this unnecessary misuse.


The only water artificial turf takes is that needed to clean up spills or debris. Instead of watering the lawn each week, that water can be saved, reducing your home’s water consumption and saving you money. 


Conservationists estimate that every square foot of grass replaced with artificial turf saves approximately 55 gallons of water per year. That means if you have a 1,000 square foot lawn, you’ll save 55,000 gallons of water on your lawn alone! This water conservation helps you and the environment as a whole.


Using Rainwater Harvesting Systems with Artificial Turf

When you install a synthetic lawn, you can still use a home rainwater harvesting system. Your collected rainwater goes to your vegetable garden, flower bed, or shrubs and trees. 


Rainwater harvesting can help to further conserve water and lower your water bill, as you are able to gather and use water from the sky, instead of from your faucet. This step puts that valuable rainwater to good use in your yard.


Water Conservation in Southern California

Southern California, and much of the western United States, is prone to droughts. That makes it even more important to conserve water in San Diego and other Southern California communities. Many people switched to high-efficiency appliances, swapped out their faucets and showerheads, and even adjusted their irrigation systems to help save water in the state. 


These are all great moves, but switching a lawn from natural grass to artificial turf is the most powerful way to conserve water and lower water bills. With an artificial lawn, you won’t use as much water but your lawn will still look great all year long. Instead of a dry, brown patch of dead grass or dirt, you will have an expanse of green that your family and pets can play and relax on. 


It’s increasingly important for everyone to pitch in where they can to help California’s water conservation efforts. If you’re interested in installing artificial turf and learning how the drainage components can help with rainwater harvesting and conservation, let the pros at SYNLawn know. Get your artificial turf questions answered, learn about the products available to you, and find out about the installation process by talking to a professional. Fill out this form to get started.

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