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The demand for indoor putting greens from SYNLawn San Diego grows by the day, so don’t delay, it’s time to make your golfing dreams come true. Are you a golf lover that wants to spend more time playing and less time in the car traveling to a course? Do you have a great long game but can’t sink those crucial putts on the green, and therefore want more practice time to hone your skills?


SYNLawn San Diego has a wide selection of indoor putting greens that help you improve your golf game from the comfort of your own home. Everyone knows the key to winning at golf is a strong putting game, but who has the time to practice at the course?

Don’t spend any more time in the car driving to the golf course when you can now have the synthetic golf green of your dreams at home.
San Diego weather is unpredictable. It can be hot and sunny one minute and rainy the next. Mother Nature doesn’t care if you have a tee time at 1 pm. Instead, she’ll dump a few inches of rain, causing you to have to cancel your golfing trip.

When you have indoor putting greens from SYNLawn San Diego, then there’s not much that Mother Nature will do to ruin your golfing. We can install the putting green in your garage, basement, or another hard flat surface, and then you’re ready to play.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on outside because you’re practicing in the comfort of your home.


You might be impressed by the natural grass greens at professional golf courses, but it’s not sustainable for an at-home system. Without constant care and maintenance, the grass becomes brown or overgrown.

These issues are solved with an always green golf green, putting green at home, where you can enjoy consistent ball performance during play.

Golf courses pay thousands of dollars every month to keep them looking lush and green. First, they hire professionals to mow and trim them. Then, harmful herbicides and pesticides are used to keep the lawn looking flawless.

Frequent lawn maintenance is something most people can’t afford or want to do just to get in a few hours of putting practice. Indoor putting greens are perfect because they require no maintenance. They fit nicely on any hard flat surface and never grow or need trimming.

SYNLawn San Diego offers everything you could ask for in an artificial grass putting green.


How’s your putting game? Is it great until you hit the green and then bogey? Is it easier to slam it halfway down the course than tap into the hole? Indoor putting greens let you practice your game anytime. SYNLawn San Diego indoor putting greens are perfect for strategic and nuanced game play.

Want to spend a few hours on your day off getting in some putting practice? Have a bad day at work and need to relax for a little while? Artificial grass putting greens lets you work to improve your game anytime you’re available. So while your friends spend their nights sitting in front of the television, you practice your putting game to dominate the next time you meet up on the course.


No matter how much you love golf, you can’t spend all your time on the professionally trimmed greens of the golf course. It would help if you had an easier and more affordable way to practice, SYNLawn San Diego’s indoor putting greens is the perfect solution.

Our artificial golf turf and synthetic putting greens are far more affordable than paying for professional lawn maintenance if you wanted to create your own using natural grass.


We can install an artificial putting green in any indoor area, large or small. Great for commercial spaces, warehouses or offices.

Our high quality indoor golf greens and putting turf are perfect for entertaining clients or giving the team a reprieve from the stress of the day. Do you have a nice flat space in your office? If you need a little relaxation on your lunch break, then hit the putting green. You’ll feel great and think clearer.


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