Sport Floor Tiles for Gyms, Courts & Sports Venues

SYNLawn San Diego provides premium sport surfacing and sport floor tiles for gyms, activity venues, and sports arenas. We offer five specialty SYNCourt playing surfaces so you can pick out the option that will be best for your facility’s needs. For games, sports, and indoor or outdoor activities, SYNLawn San Diego has innovative, modern sport floor surfaces and sport floor tile options that athletes will surely appreciate.

Choose From Five Premium Sport Floor Tiles

We provide sports surfacing flooring for homes and businesses, and we have five fantastic sport surfacing and sport floor tile choices to pick from. We showcase them in detail below:

Depending on your venue’s needs, we have five excellent tile options to choose from. They include the following:

Game Tiles

  • Great for basketball, outdoor courts, and multi-game courts
  • Provides superior grip and drainage
  • A patented locking system allows for proper expansion and contraction in various climates
  • Offers gentle flex characteristics to support athlete’s joints
  • Best for outdoors

Speed Outdoor Tiles

  • For inline hockey, ball sports, skating, and open play
  • Dust and rain drainage
  • Surface profile provides grip for wheels
  • Patented surface pinheads for natural puck glide
  • Made for outdoors

Speed Indoor Tiles

  • For professional inline hockey and ball sports
  • Best wheel grip of any suspended floor
  • Extremely durable to help to protect athletes against falls and serious injury
  • Pinheads and perforations for natural puck and ball glide
  • Specifically for indoor use

Compete Tiles

  • Best for ball sports, volleyball, roller hockey, and racquet sports
  • Surface is made for reliable shoe grip
  • Modular design makes for easy replacement or disassembly
  • Optional underlayer available, which optimizes shock absorption and helps with noise reduction

Skate Tiles

  • Best wheel grip of any of our sports floor tile options
  • Shift-lock technology ensures tiles won’t move upon use
  • Low maintenance, with no refinishing necessary

As you can see, we have several incredible sports surfacing and sport floor tile flooring options available for a wide variety of athletic activities. The dynamic appearance of our sport surfacing flooring and sport floor tile options, combined with the safety features, make our sports surfacing the best in San Diego.

Residential & Commercial Applications

Whether you need to outfit a local gym or want to have a basketball court installed at your home, SYNLawn San Diego can get it done with our SYNCourt flooring. We employ a quality design and construction process that will last for years. In addition, San Diego has gorgeous year-round weather, and with our court tiles, you can enjoy playing your favorite sport all year long.

At SYNLawn, we can custom design a sports surface specifically for you or your team. We work with in-house designers to include a logo and colors into your SYNCourt project. Our experts work with you to create the most beautifully customized sports surfacing you could ever dream of. Plus, all of our products are proudly made right here in America.


The SYNCourt Difference


Every SYNCourt sports surface flooring order we receive is assembled in our warehouse. Customization options like logos and colors are pre-painted by our team of professionals. We have over 15 colors available, plus accessories such as court lights, basketball goals, and tennis nets.


We make each sports surface unique by painting game lines, logos, and colors. We can paint game lines for the following sports:





Four Square





Pickle Ball



View our fitness and agility sports turf products for other sports such as football or track and field.


Order a Custom Sports Surface Today!

SYNLawn San Diego is excited to transform your home or business gym, court, or fitness facility. We offer premium sport surfacing options for various uses, and our experts are standing by if you have questions. Please contact us today to learn more about elevating your fitness and athletic experience.





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