Soy-Based SYNLawn Artificial Grass Now on Display at the San Diego Zoo

SYNLawn San Diego is proud to announce the use of our revolutionary artificial grass at the San Diego Zoo here in Southern California. The popularity of our synthetic grass is growing by the day and is expected to become a $7,000,000 industry by 2025. Faux grass from us at SYNLawn San Diego is effortless to … Read more

Enjoy Beautiful Lawns All Year Round with Artificial Grass in San Diego, CA

Residents are making the switch to San Diego artificial grass to enjoy luxurious lawns year-round. We make it simple for residential and commercial lawns to avoid faded colors, weeds, mud, holes, and so much more. With our use of recyclable and long-lasting materials, you can enjoy your landscape for decades without replacement. At SYNLawn, we … Read more

5 Benefits of Artificial Turf in San Diego, CA

Artificial grass in San Diego, CA continues to rise in popularity with each passing year. While this may continue to be true, there are still many that wonder why they should fully commit to replacing their landscape with artificial turf in San Diego. SYNLawn San Diego artificial grass is the result of more than 50 … Read more

San Diego Residents are Making the Switch to Help take Control of Devastating Drought

On May 24, 2022, state officials approved a proposal to cut water consumption in California by 10 to 20%, which includes a total ban on watering beautiful lawns in subdivision common areas and on all commercial properties. “We are in this unprecedented drought. We need to act like it,” said Laurel Firestone a California State … Read more

artificial turf outside of office building

Reasons to Install Office Building Turf

Reasons to Install Office Building Turf The first thing that comes to mind with artificial turf is often a bright green front lawn. But did you know you can install artificial turf in your office building as well? There are so many benefits to having turf in your office or commercial building, that benefit you … Read more


All About SynCourt’s Sports Surfacing

When it comes to sports surfacing at parks, sports complexes, and schools, safety and playability are key.  Sports fields can be made of a number of surfaces: natural grass, dirt, rubber, and concrete. But when looking for safe and sustainable options, athletic turf can provide a great alternative for parks, schools, and homes. Learn all … Read more

dining area with artificial turf and cornhole

5 Reasons Why SYNLawn is the Best Turf Option

If you have been looking for a new artificial turf option for your residential or commercial space, you have probably discovered that a quick internet search will bring up dozens of artificial turf companies. Each brings something unique to the table, and some have more benefits than others. Here are 5 reasons why SYNLawn is … Read more

artificial turf installed on restaurant patio

5 Reasons Why You Need a Patio for Your San Diego Home or Business

In 2020, people spent more time at home than ever before. Having an outdoor space to get fresh air and sunshine is becoming increasingly important. Whether at home or at work, a patio can create a small outdoor environment to relax, eat a meal, or spend time with others. In sunny San Diego, you can … Read more

residential artificial turf installation

How Artificial Turf Helps Reduce Water Consumption in Southern California

For 20 years now, intermittent droughts have forced home and business owners to drastically cut back on their water usage, especially in Southern California. We’ve made significant changes to the way we live our lives, adjusting water use with rain barrels, greywater re-usage indoors, and more. Energy Star clothes and dishwashers, drip lines, low-flow toilets … Read more