Will a Putting Green Add Value to Your Home?

Being a homeowner means there is always an upcoming home improvement project. 

There’s also always a wishlist of future upgrades to make to the home, and that wishlist might vary based on each family member’s interests. 

As a golf lover, having a home putting green might sound ideal to get in some extra practice hours and have a place to retreat to. But installing putting green turf at your house has financial advantages as well. If a backyard putting green is on the wishlist or upcoming project list, you may be wondering if it will add value to your home. 

The answer is yes! 

Putting greens, like other artificial turf projects, increase value to homes across San Diego. 

Add Value with a Home Putting Green

When looking for home renovation projects that can add value, home putting greens are a great option. Installed indoors or outdoors in just about any shape or size are available, these provide added levity to potential home buyers. If your home is close to a golf course, consider that those buying in the neighborhood may already be golfers. Having a putting green close to the television and refrigerator is just an added perk in the home. 

When considering how turf adds value to your home, look at the benefits. It looks beautiful and green all year long, with very little effort on your part. Turf in any form, including a putting green, is low maintenance without the need to water or mow and reseed throughout the year. It can increase your curb appeal and draw in potential homebuyers who are seeking out low-maintenance outdoor spaces they can enjoy right when they move in.

How to Build a Putting Green at Home

When beginning your home putting green installation, you’ll first need to buy artificial turf for golf. There are turf options specific for golf, and these may be your best bet for a home putting green. Make sure to buy enough turf to cover the entire area you plan to convert to a putting green.

Then, you will need to gather the other supplies. You can buy or rent most supplies from your local home improvement stores.

  • Remove any debris, rocks, or grass that remains in the area.
  • After the area has been cleared, you should level the ground. You will need to make the ground as level as possible to be able to lay the turf effectively.
  • Add base to ensure the area is level, and consider a weed barrier to prevent growth in the future.
  • After this is done, you will need to grade the area to make sure it can properly drain when it rains or you clean your putting green.
  • When it’s time to lay the putting green turf, cut it down to size. If you are using multiple pieces of turf, be sure the grass blades are going in the same direction so it has a uniform look and allows the ball to roll smoothly.
  • When the turf is where you want it, you will glue the seams to secure it into place. Allow the glue to set for about 20 minutes.
  • Next, you’ll secure the perimeter using turf nails. Place a nail every 6 inches around the perimeter of the putting green.

While artificial turf is low-maintenance, it’s not no-maintenance. You’ll still need to clean up when there’s a spill or debris on the surface of your putting green. A broom can help you remove debris and a quick wash with a hose can help to clean off liquid or dust. A standard household cleaner and a quick scrub with a brush can help if there are spills that may stain. That’s all that’s needed to keep your putting green looking great!

Whether you are going to do a DIY home putting green or hire a professional to make the installation easier, the experts at SYNLawn San Diego are ready to help.

At SYNLawn, we have helped homeowners convert their yards to turf or add a putting green to boost home value now and in the future. If you have questions about how turf might work in your space or need assistance with selecting the right turf for your home putting green, call 888-507-TURF or fill out this contact form.

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