Can Dogs Dig Up Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf can make pet owning easier: no more muddy footprints, fewer fleas, and quick potty clean-up. 


But energetic dogs intent on burying treasures or reaching a burrowing animal can be determined diggers. Still, in all of our installation and maintenance work over the years, just three owners have reported a dog damaging the artificial grass enough to warrant repair. Quick learners, dogs need only a few sessions of frenzied scratching to learn that the artificial turf will not yield. They divert their energies beyond the turf to the yard edges or quit digging altogether. 


We have many customers calling to ask: can dogs dig up artificial turf? Rest assured: when installed correctly, your dog should not be able to dig up your synthetic grass.


First, the turf itself is so high-quality that dogs cannot scratch the blades from the backing. Then, owners fear a loose edge will intrigue their dog. When professionals use the right tools and strategies, however, they secure the edges and hide all seams, especially when a dog is on the premise. Even the most rambunctious furry friends shouldn’t be able to dig up your turf. 


Here, we cover everything you need to know about artificial turf and dogs.

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pets

We think you’ll be amazed at the color, texture, and flexibility options available in pet-friendly artificial turf. And yes, these options can be calibrated to ease and optimize pet ownership. 


Pet specific artificial turf for residential lawns has these benefits:


  • Better drainage – because our turf is built on top of a permeable infill and base, rain passes through it quickly. Less mud and water for your dog to get into means fewer doggy footprints through your home. 
  • Fewer odors – many pet-friendly turf options are antimicrobial. That means fewer bacteria and germs infesting pet waste and emitting odors. 
  • Easier clean-up – pet waste is more easily removed from a synthetic surface than blades of natural grass. A quick spray with the hose finishes the job. 
  • Fewer pests – with no natural food available and no soil to hide in, pests quickly find another yard to inhabit. Dogs track in fewer insects and avoid flea infestations when they play in an artificial turf yard.


Artificial turf provides your family, including your fur children, a clean, safe space to play. Don’t forget that, because you will be spending less time mowing, watering, and more, you’ll have more time to play with them! 


The time and reduced costs associated with lawn maintenance are often the most common benefits that spur people to make the investment in artificial turf in the first place. Busy families need downtime, together time, and playtime. Artificial turf restores all three. 


Is Artificial Turf Safe for Pets?

In the backyard, pet owners want to give their furry friends plenty of space to run and play, but safely. 


Artificial turf is completely safe for your animals, especially when you invest in pet-friendly artificial grass. In fact, it can even be safer than natural grass. How? 


Artificial turf is not treated with the chemicals found in fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide. These chemicals—used multiple times a year on natural grass—are not necessary with artificial turf. Pets remain free of the chemical exposure that comes with natural grass lawn care.


If you have more questions about pet-friendly artificial turf or professional installation to ensure your dog cannot dig up your new lawn, contact the synthetic turf experts at SYNLawn, serving San Diego homeowners. They can discuss your goals and the needs of your family (including fur children) and help you select the best turf option for your space. The pet-friendly, antimicrobial options available can keep everyone in your family safe and happy. Please fill out the contact form to discuss artificial turf and dogs with our pros. 

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