The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments


The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments

The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments
Square footage: 1,200 square feet
Product Used: SYNFescue 343
How Long it Took to Install: 3 days

SYNFescue 343

The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments’ brand-new dog park now features the highest quality San Diego pet turf SYNFescue 343 by SYNLawn®. SYNFescue 343 is the perfect option for high-activity pet areas due to its superior durability, stain, odor, and UV-resistance, cooler surface temperatures and more.

Pets living in an apartment require a place where they can stretch their legs and play hard, that is why Pacific Village chose an artificial grass that would easily withstand the demand of their activity. Our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology and EnviroLoc™ backing system work together to ensure that their dog park installation exceeds expectations regarding the strength and resilience of their new lawn.

SYNFescue343 utilizes a dense thatch that offers superior realism, holds odor eliminating Envirofill® infill, and is combined with durable turf blades made from sugar cane. In addition to these features and benefits, this San Diego artificial pet grass solution is one of the safest available.

SYNFescue 343 is ASTM E108 Class A fire rated to help prevent and minimize property damage and extreme injury caused from a fire outbreak. This turf provides first responders with a longer time window to arrive and extinguish the blaze.

In addition to its plant-based composition and fire safety, it is IPEMA certified to prevent everyday injuries and abrasions that may occur during activity.

SYNFescue 343 boasts an 11-foot fall rating in the event that an unfortunate spill of that caliber occurs making it ideal for artificial grass dog runs, playground turf, commercial lawns and more.



SYNFescue 343 features our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology. Super Yarn™ is one-of-a-kind yarn formula that features three of the industry’s most advanced turf enhancements. First, Sanitized® antimicrobial works to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria from turf surfaces, prevents stains and odors from bacteria, as well as prevents fleas, ticks, and other pests.

Next, DualChill™ IR reflective technology acts as a thermal shield, preventing infrared light from fading turf fibers and provides cooler surface temperatures. Finally, StatBlock™ is a carbon-based molecularly bound anti-static that inhibits the accumulation of static electricity caused by friction, thus providing more enjoyable artificial lawn surfaces.

SYNLawn® deviates from the industry norm by providing unmatched realism, advanced turf technologies, and unique benefits that make our synthetic grass collection the best choice for any San Diego commercial lawn installation.

SYNFescue 343 provides unrivaled beauty for an affordable price and is optimal for lawns, pet areas, and playgrounds. Our eco-friendly EnviroLoc™ backing system “locks-in” turf fibers preventing shedding and tearing as well as preventing pets and other critters from digging holes in the lawn. In addition, EnviroLoc™ is manufactured using plant-based materials including soybean oil which allow us to replace significant amounts of petroleum-based polymers from our products with recyclable materials, thus reducing our impact on local landfills.
Added to our pet-friendly artificial grass lawns is Envirofill® infill. Envirofill® is an acrylic-coated, pet-friendly sand infill that eliminates odors caused by ammonia from pet waste. This feature is free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals and is environmentally safe.

We are proud to work with many industry professionals, commercial property owners, and residential clients across Southern California. This list includes landscapers, landscape architects, construction firms, architectural firms, roof contractors, schools, school districts, athletic facilities, and many more. SYNLawn® manufactures its artificial grass and pet turf in our own manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia, in partnership with US soybean farmers as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. Utilizing materials such as sugar cane and soybean oil in our artificial grass contribute to our low-maintenance and environmentally conscious design. Not only does our San Diego pet turf save you time and money on traditional lawn maintenance, but it is also conserves water, reduces overall water bills, and reduces your carbon footprint by removing the need for lawn care equipment.

SYNLawn® is honored to work closely with many industry experts such as:

Landscape Architects

Landscape Designers

Architectural Firms

General Contractors

Construction Companies

Roof COntractors

Athletic Faciliteis

Sporting events

Schools & School Districts

Universities & More

With a San Diego artificial pet grass installation, you will have the perfect dog run, backyard lawn, or play area for your pet. SYNLawn® strives to consistently deliver the highest level of customer service and precision installations services. With our capacity as general contractors, we can take on projects of any size. We work with you every step of the way to bring your unique landscape designs to life. SYNLawn® San Diego artificial grass is undoubtably the most realistic in the industry, offers the highest level of durability, and is backed by our unmatched limited lifetime warranty. For more information on our products and services, contact SYNLawn® San Diego today to schedule a free consultation!