Del Mar RaceTrack

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Del Mar RaceTrack

Location: Del Mar, San Diego

Square footage: 8,500 square feet

Product Used: SYNTipede 343

How Long it Took to Install: 5 days

SYNTipede 343

SYNTipede 343 was chosen for the historic Del Mar Racetrack for its superior durability and low- maintenance.

The property managers knew working with SYNLawn® was the perfect choice for this installation for numerous reasons.

We are the largest turf manufacture in the US, our durability is unmatched by any of our competitors, and no other artificial turf provides a more true-to-life appearance without the need for constant upkeep.

SYNTipede 343 can even withstand the heavy impact of horse hooves. Del Mar Racetrack sees millions of visitors, which means that foot traffic through the central public paddock area is always at an all-time high.

The only choice to compensate for this is SYNTipede 343. This turf solution keeps the paddock looking great for race day all year long.


SYNTipede 343 comes standard with unique benefits, such as:

  • Deluster
  • Enviroloc™ Backing System
  • UV Stabilizers
  • Our Exclusive Super Yarn® Technology

SYNLawn® artificial turf is perfect for commercial applications, because of its medium pile height, exceptional toughness, and strength.

What truly sets our synthetic turf apart from the competitors is our Super Yarn™ technology.

Super Yarn™ incorporates Sanitized®, a highly effective antimicrobial that eliminates 99% of all germs, DualChill™ IR reflective technology which prevents infrared light from being absorbed into turf fibers, and finally, StatBlock™ anti-static prevents the accumulation of static electricity for increased safety and comfort.

Furthermore, SYNTipede 343 boasts an ASTM E108 Class A Fire Rating that promotes a larger time window between fire ignition and the arrival of first responders.

We work closely with landscapers and designers to create unique artificial turf installations. SYNLawn® artificial grass is rated the most eco-friendly turf solution available. With the help of our partnership with US soybean farmers, we manufacture our recyclable products with sugar cane and soybean oil. Our EnviroLoc™ backing replaces up to 60% petroleum-based materials for those that are soy-based. This lessens the impact on local landfills and saves thousands of gallons of water year after year. Additionally, even in the event of a heavy storm, our synthetic grass offers optimal drainage allowing for use shortly after becoming wet.

SYNLawn® is proud to partner with the following professionals:


Landscape Designers

Landscape Architects

General Contractors

Construction Companies

Private Schools

School Districts

Universities & More

Businesses save on maintenance and water by switching to SYNLawn® artificial turf solutions and enjoy beautiful, lush turf for any application all year long. Rest assured knowing that SYNTipede 343 also includes our limited lifetime warranty. For more information on all of our services contact us today for a free consultation!